If you want to make sure that your law firm is going to be found in search engines, you need to create quality content. Why? Because the content of your firm’s website is one of the most critical pieces of your online marketing strategy. It should:

  • Help capture your audience
  • Create trust in your law firm
  • Convert visitors to your website into clients for your firm

However, to create effective content for law firm websites takes planning, researching, and writing. This translates into a significant expenditure of your valuable time and resources, which are better spent on the legal problems facing your clients.

And, while a lot of lawyers are very competent writers, they’re not trained on writing law firm website content – not to mention writing for search engines. You need specific craftspeople that are trained to create content; writers who can take a difficult legal topic and put it into a form that is easier to understand, scan, and remember.

This guide provides you with some basic tips about law firm website content and the things you need to take into consideration before formulating your content, to ensure that it’s meeting your needs and those of your audience.

The four pillars for great content

Bottom line: you can’t be effective at digital marketing without content that’s targeted as well as cogent and convincing. And, that involves both preparation and planning.  What are the four pillars on which great law firm website content is built?

  1.  Keyword research
  2.  Competitive analysis
  3.  Be creative and original
  4.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the lead

Quality law firm website content should be targeted – a reflection of what the user needs – easy to find and easy to understand. It should provide legal information that is up-to-date. And, finally, it should offer answers to questions and concerns that the target audience may have and/or provide them with resources for additional information.

What goes on top of those pillars?

Writing content for law firm website can be divided into two categories:

  • General, overall copy which makes up the majority of your website
  • Ongoing articles and/or blog posts 

Articles and blog posts include content that is typically more generic in nature and covers a variety of topics vs specifics about your firm. 

Great content for law firm websites can set your firm apart from the competition. It’s the primary driver of search engine rankings, traffic, and leads. More than any other factor, it’s the text that’s on your site that tells search engines how and where to list your firm in their search results.

That’s why successful SEO for attorneys requires great writers: people that can create copy that is compelling and approachable for human readers, yet simultaneously properly structured for maximum effect on search engines.

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