You know that your team provides excellent service in your field. You want to make sure your online marketing campaigns are reaching potential clients with that message. One crucial part of successful digital marketing is the Pay-Per-Click or “PPC” campaign. 

So if you are running a PPC campaign but the people searching for the practice areas you serve don’t seem to be finding you, you might be left asking why PPC campaigns aren’t working for your law firm. 

In order to find your niche in the ever-expanding market for attorneys, it’s important to have some degree of familiarity with Google Ads and other ad and analytic options you can use to raise awareness of your firm or brand. Keep in mind the most common PPC mistakes attorneys make so you can avoid them and effectively market your skills.  

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There are six key points to keep in mind while creating you or your firm’s online content. 

  1. Not Using PPC at All: make sure that you are using a PPC ad plan. Setting up a PPC campaign is simple, but setting up an effective one takes some strategizing. 
  1. Using the Wrong Keywords: quality and quantity are both important. Be sure to replace out-of-date keywords or negative keywords and invest in analytics that will show you which terms perform well. 
  1. Not Optimizing Campaigns: have an organized framework to follow in order to have clear, reachable goals while also increasing ad and content performance. 
  1. Only Running Ads on One Platform: there are many different social media and digital platforms, and while not all of them may be applicable to your type of law, only utilizing one forum means you’re missing out on wide swathes of potential clients. 
  1. Using the Wrong Landing Pages: be sure that your webpages have clear CTAs (calls-to-action), all your links work correctly, and that information is clearly communicated. User experience should be a top concern as it takes searchers from clicking your ads to viewing your webpages to seeking your legal advice. 
  1. Ignoring Targeting Options: including search terms that optimize for location is often overlooked, but is especially important since laws can be dependent on anything from country, state, and even county. Making sure your locality is included in your PPC will help you reach people in your area who need your expertise.     

Not Hiring an Agency 

The final primary element to keep in mind is the long-term value your ads will contribute to your clients, cases, and team. If you still have concerns about the potential for common mistakes attorneys make with PPC campaigns, you could benefit from consultations with a marketing company with experience in SEO for law firms.

Digital marketing and content strategy experts will guide you through targeting, generating leads, and finding your preferred target audience. Taking your PPC campaigns to the next level takes forethought and dedication, but once your ads are optimized your hard work should be rewarded by improved online performance leading to a larger pool of clients. 

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