Close More Law Firm Leads with These 3 Tips

For many lawyers, generating law firm leads is a concept with which they’re not all that familiar because it’s more of a marketing and sales strategy employed by business, rather than a legal concept. However, your firm is a business, so building and establishing clientele for the firm is essential.  What is lead generation? Simply … Read More

How attorneys are turning former clients into new revenue

Attorneys are always thinking about how they can increase their referrals. Why? Because having a steady stream of referrals can accelerate the growth of your firm, bring in new revenue, and set your mind at ease about getting new clients. If you want to grow your practice, don’t ignore the importance of referral marketing. And, … Read More

6 PPC Mistakes Attorneys Make

You know that your team provides excellent service in your field. You want to make sure your online marketing campaigns are reaching potential clients with that message. One crucial part of successful digital marketing is the Pay-Per-Click or “PPC” campaign.  So if you are running a PPC campaign but the people searching for the practice … Read More

Websites for Attorneys: Creativity Within a Box

Podcast: Be that Lawyer Caroff Communications president Michael Caroff guests on a podcast hosted by Steve Fretzin, known as the “Attorney Whisperer.” Steve invited Michael on to talk about how to design effective lawyer websites that employ creative marketing principles, but maintain the professionalism needed.   Listen to the Podcast Michael: Clients don’t hire companies, … Read More

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