Convert / Conversion
Completed activity that is relevant to your business, such as signing up for a newsletter subscription, downloading a document, or making a purchase.

The last step a user takes to become a conversion.

Assisted Conversions
Google’s calculation of the relative importance of any one channel to the conversion. For instance: 20% Google Ads; 50% Direct (possibly a link from browser history); and 30% Organic Search.

First Touch
Represents the initial introduction a user has to your business, whether through a paid ad, social media link, organic search, or other channel.

First Visit
Means the initial time that a user actually views your website.

Full Funnel Approach
Optimizing for the entire customer journey, from awareness to conversion.

Higher Value Conversions
Not all conversions are equal — some are worth more to your business than others.

This definition actually merits an entire article –so we wrote one!

Also called “site journey,” this details every place each user passes through on their way to becoming a conversion, including search engines, social media, pages on your website, forms, etc.

Path Length
Indicates how many pages the average visitor to your site views before leaving.

Time Lag
The number of days from when a user first interacts with your site (such as a transaction, form submission or download) to their final conversion.


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