Being prepared for random events

Graphic showing a traffic spike

Service: Combined SEO and PPC

Strategy: Use both the individual and combined capabilities of SEO and PPC to build up a general presence (especially brand name recognition) in the search engines, as well as placement for a number of specific terms.

Effect: A solid foundation of SEO strength was built, which delivered a consistently growing amount of impressions and clicks. This was the situation when a one-time event delivered an incredible short-term boost in traffic.

Result: Because of the solid base, traffic after the “boost” dropped, but remained far above the pre-boost level.


SEO Strength: A combination of both good position (high rankings) and traffic (website visits) from organic searches.

Impressions: The amount of times a website is listed in the search results.

Clicks: The amount of user visits to the website, based on a search result listing.

Boost: Substantial, short-term increase in website visits, generally in response to high-profile news.

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