SAN DIEGO, CA — Beginning in February, San Diego State University World Campus will offer an updated course in digital marketing: SEO Strategies that Drive Profitability. Taught by Michael Caroff, this 6-week program will give students a general overview and foundational working knowledge of search engine optimization.

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Caroff brings a broad spectrum of experience to the class. His background as a magazine editor, advertising writer, website designer, and pioneering SEO expert combine to provide a breadth of understanding of the field.

“SDSU World Campus is excited to have Michael Caroff teaching ‘SEO Strategies that Drive Profitability’ as part of our Professional Certificate in Marketing program. Michael brings over 35 years of experience in digital marketing and communication, working for Fender Guitars before becoming founder and CEO of Caroff Communications in 1995,” explains Olivia Salgado, Program Manager at San Diego State University World Campus.

Even Michael’s multi-decade career as a guitar player, and continuing role as the leader of the nation’s premier Santana Tribute band, Savor, add to his marketing acumen.

“People make decisions based primarily on emotions,” he affirms. “Working as a performing musician has taught me how to reach people and connect with them on a visceral level.”

Santana tribute band Savor at the Coach House in Orange county

Michael dives into a Santana solo on stage at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Comprised of a crack group of musicians, the band, Savor, is known both for the note-for-note renditions of Santana’s songs and the passion with which they are delivered.

The course will include a project in which each student will establish, create content for, and do SEO coding for their own website. This hands-on process is designed to provide students with the real-world experience that is so effective in developing a skill set like search engine optimization.

“Students will love Michael as their professor. He not only possesses one of the keen marketing minds in the region but knows how to communicate with a wide range of audiences to help them excel beyond their expectations. I always look for ways to work together with Michael, and now will seek opportunities to tell students why they should take his class!” says David Oates, Principal at PR Security Service.

President Michael Caroff previously conceived, launched, and ran Frontline Magazine for Fender: the world’s largest electric guitar company. His team is focused on creating high-quality content and promoting clear, user-friendly communication simultaneously aimed at search engines and potential customers.

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