We are all familiar with Google. Offering limitless information at our fingertips, Google is a powerful search engine that has revolutionized the way people look for websites, answers and products. In fact, if you are a website owner, Google is an important gateway to your site, and it is your job to make sure as many people as possible are going through it.

This is more easily said than done. Recently, Google introduced the “clickless search” or a search that provides a snapshot answer, no click required. Though plenty of people may see your site’s snippet on the Google search, you won’t be able to detect that traffic unless they follow through and click the link to your website. In this scenario, first impressions do matter. You want the search to yield rich results so that people will be more likely to click on your website which, in turn, boosts your click-through rate (CTR).

Google Clickless Search example

Is this bad for your site?

Clickless searches aren’t necessarily bad for your site, it just depends upon your website’s purpose. If you are selling products or providing a service, however, searches that don’t result in a click can harm your analytics. Your click-through rate is important when it comes to analytics and search engine optimization (SEO). CTR is calculated as the percentage of people who see your listing during a Google search and then actually click on that listing. If viewers are only looking at the Google snapshot and going no further, then your CTR will decrease. On the flipside, you want to increase the CTR because that means your search listing is generating traffic towards your site.

How to solve decreasing CTR due to Google clickless searches? Make better content and provide more in-depth answers. Searchers are more likely to click a link when the snippet isn’t overly short and simple. By encouraging people to click on your link for more information, you will up your traffic analytics as well as give searchers more opportunities to view the products or services you are advertising.

What’s good for your search results

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