The Google Ad Grant team has been vigilant the last few months in making sure that nonprofits are abiding by their program policies. As a result, quite a few Google Ads Grants Accounts have been deactivated due to policy violations.

If you were notified of your deactivated Google Grants account, you might need to review the requirements to fix any policy violations such as adhering to bid limits and maintaining the Click-Through Rate (CTR) minimums. Only by fixing the problem can you then try to request reactivating your account. Fortunately, these fixes are quite simple. 

However, even with a reactivated Google Ad Grant, you don’t just want free advertising. You want advertising that is impactful for your organization and will yield better and more accurate results. If that’s your end goal, then we are here to help.

Make updates before contacting Google

Before you contact Google Grants about your deactivated account, review these components of your website to make sure you are meeting their policy expectations:

  • Pause Keywords. Remove any active keywords that have a low-quality score (a one or two out of 10). To prevent future deactivation, make an automated rule that low-quality score keywords are paused.
  • Two text ads. Google Grants will be evaluating your site to make sure you have at least two text ads per ad group and at least two ad groups per enabled campaign.
  • Sitelink extensions. To qualify for a Google Grant, you must have active sitelinks for all your advertisements.

If you check these things, you should have no problem reactivating your Google Grants account!

Follow these steps

When seeking reinstatement for your Google Grants account, the first step will be to make changes so your site is up to standard on Google’s latest policies. After that, you will be ready to contact Google though you may have to wait up to 10 days to hear back about your reactivation.

In the meantime, you will probably want to come up with strategies to get your organization out in the public’s eye more than it had been previously. That is where we come in. Caroff Communications is dedicated to harnessing the power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) so that you get the most out of having an online presence. 

PPC is a combination between advertising and Search Engine Optimization so that you have complete control as well as the adaptability to target the people who will benefit the most from what you are offering. We provide full PPC management services that will yield real and measurable results for your organization. Not only will Caroff Communications help you keep your Google Grants account, but we will bring your organization to the next level of online advertising.

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