If you’re an attorney today, you understand the importance of law firm marketing. A well-crafted marketing plan can help boost your online reach, optimize your marketing spend and grow your services. But regardless of how you market your firm, it’s important to measure your strategy. Without tracking leads for your law firm, you’ll have no idea which tactics are performing well, and which are failing.

Fortunately, there are tools and software that will help lawyers do just that. From text messages to virtual services that automate responses, these tools will track every lead, increase your response time, and boost your marketing ROI.

Where did your best clients come from

In order to attract the most leads, your marketing plan should cover a mix of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, and print and digital advertising lead sources. To track those leads, you can use digital and automation services.

Digital and online sources such as Google Analytics will identify useful metrics such as referring domains, how long a visitor stayed on your site, and the number of visitors to your site. Other tools such as Cyfe and HubSpot are all-in-one analytics platforms. Cyfe allows you to see all of your data in one place, including social media, web analytics, finance, and new business platforms. HubSpot, like Salesforce, is a CRM platform that manages your content, social media, emails, and leads. HubSpot’s analytics tools compare the performance of multiple social media channels as well campaign performance.

Automated services are also good for tracking leads for a law firm. These services will automatically send text messages or emails throughout the intake process, track inbound and outbound referrals, and facilitate virtual reception services for after hours phone calls. Cloud-based lead tracking software, such as Lead Docket, is particularly helpful because it will streamline the entire process for you. Not only will it capture leads and track them all the way to conversion, but it will also measure your revenue by marketing source, conversion rate, wanted leads, and more. 

Stay in touch with everybody

To truly grow your firm, you have to grow your referral sources. That means you need to stay in contact with everyone, including prospects who didn’t sign, and your past clients. From connecting on social media, to emailing custom newsletters and sending holiday cards, staying in touch shows your clients that you truly value their relationship.

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