And well you should. After all, more than half of all online access is via mobile devices. And that percentage is just going to grow.

You’ve seen people surfing the web on their phones. And you’ve also seen how frustrated they become when the sites they’re visiting aren’t very well designed for phones. In fact, chances are good you’ve experienced it yourself.

Hands operating a tablet computerBut what about tablets? They don’t work like desktop or laptop computers. And they’re not exactly like phones, either. So does a tablet get the same version as a computer, or a phone? Neither one seems exactly appropriate. Tablets should have their own version.

Now you’re on the right track.

“Responsive Design” is what you’re really after. What is it?

What the world has moved to is “responsive design.” It simply means that there are multiple versions of your website. Versions perfectly suited to computers, tablets, and phones. And your site “responds” to the device it’s being viewed on, by delivering the correction version.

In the past, companies would have a separate “mobile” version for phone users. Unfortunately, it was a “dumbed down” version of the site, stripped of many of the elements of the “main” site. You know, gray buttons, mostly text, and very little personality.

But that’s all changed with responsive sites.

Website on computer, phone, and tablet


An all around better customer experience

A true responsive site treats each version (computer, tablet, mobile) as its own, complete site. Yet all the versions employ the same photos, videos, logos, and other graphic elements. So no matter where a viewer sees your website, it always looks and feels the same. This produces two major benefits:


The power of your site is intact

graphic of hand holding dumbbellYour branding — and all the elements that make your site effective, such as logo, photos and other graphics — are always working for you.


Users stay on your site longer

graphic of digital clockAnd even more importantly, they remain more engaged, because your site always looks appropropiate, and does what it’s supposed to do.

A properly-designed site has an additional benefit for you: Your maintenance is minimized. You make an edit once, and it works in all three formats.

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