When selecting an attorney, clients have a variety of professionals to choose from. In marketing your law firm, it is essential that you demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition. Thus, you need to provide potential clients good reasons why they should choose you.

Remember that most — or all — competing law firms will have many of the same qualifications you do. It is up to you to find the facets of your practice that represent your uniqueness, to motivate clients to retain you and your firm.

Red chair among white demonstrates uniqueness

Here are a number of examples, broken down into categories, with some sample approaches. Put yourself into your clients shoes, during the time they are searching for a lawyer. The impression you want to give is . . .

As your attorneys, we:

Stay in touch and remain accessible at all times

  • We strive to communicate as clearly and be as responsive as possible, which includes returning your emails and/or phone calls quickly.
  • You will have a direct line to your lead attorney, who will handle your case from beginning to end. This is as opposed to many of the large “factory” law firms, you may never even speak to your lead attorney at all. Your attorney, on the other hand, will be available to you on a regular basis.
  • Because we are focused on the unique circumstances and aims of each of our clients, we provide a high level of personal attention. In addition, we provide the convenience of multiple office locations.

Michael's affable nature makes it easy to work with him and his SEO expertise is superb. His communication skills are top notch keeping my nerves …

— Will Crawford Construction Professional

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Take pride in maintaining a positive client-attorney relationship

  • As my client, you will receive my personal attention during the entire process. You will meet with me — not a junior attorney, paralegal, or assistant. I will personally return your phone calls and stay in close communication with you.
  • We respect you not just as a client, but as a person. We are friendly and courteous, and endeavor to treat everyone as they would want to be treated.
  • To us, you are not just a client, you are a friend. It is our goal to get to know you and learn more about you in order to be able to provide legal assistance specific to you and your needs.

Enjoy an excellent reputation verified by 3rd party reviews

  • We are proud to have earned five-star ratings on the major legal review sites, including Avvo.com, Lawyers.com, and MartindaleHubbell.com
  • By referring us their clients and family members, other attorneys throughout the state and the nation have recognized and endorsed our abilities.

Have the background and experience to navigate the legal system successfully

  • We have long-term relationships with others in the legal field, including local prosecutors and judges. That makes a difference.
  • Having previously worked as an attorney in the insurance field, I understand intrinsically how insurance companies view and evaluate their customers and claims. This is to your great advantage.
  • As a veteran litigator, my years arguing cases in front of the bench makes me a more effective advocate for you and your case. Even when crafting a settlement, that experience lends weight to your side.
  • I am  an adamant defender of your rights. I can be as tough as necessary, both during negotiations and in litigation.

Law Websites

With over 100 websites to our credits, we’ve designed, built, and managed every kind of site. Here are some samples.


Focus on results that will improve quality of life

  • Based on my work, my clients have received millions of dollars in jury verdicts, arbitration awards, and settlements.
  • We go far beyond just making sure that you are compensated for what you have lost. We also work to secure a better future for you.
  • Our reputation precedes us. Insurance companies are well aware that we never accept subpar settlements, and are perfectly willing and prepared to go to court when necessary.

We also have a few more advantages

  • Our personal injury law firm is truly full-service. That means that we will take care of anything and everything involved in your case, including disability, employment issues, protecting your credit rating, property damages, disability, car rental, and of course your primary claim.
  • We will tell you the truth when we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and assist you in deciding on the best type of legal representation for your situation. And of course, the initial consultation is free.
  • Want the smartest lawyer you can find? I graduated at the top of my class in law school, headed up the law review in college, and have had a number of papers featured in leading legal publications.
  • I’m local. As a native of the area, I was born and raised here, and am extremely familiar with all the communities and nuances of this town.

Final call-to-action

If any of this rings a bell with you, contact us today. We are ready to help you, your family members and friends obtain the best result possible.

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