New legal cases are the bread and butter of growing any law practice. How can you attract new clients without spending a ton of money on marketing? A good content writer that has experience writing for personal injury law firms can make a big difference when it comes to attracting more clients and getting better referrals.

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A professional content writer can really help a personal injury lawyer by:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Improving conversions
  • Boosting ROI on marketing
  • Building their brand
  • Getting quality referrals
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Personal injury attorney content writing should be informative, easily accessible, and should address a potential client’s most pressing concerns, a few of the most important of which include:

  • How long do PI cases take to resolve
  • What are the first steps I need to take towards pursuing a PI claims
  • Should I talk to my insurance company
  • Does it cost to hire a PI and, if so, how much
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The content writing on your website provides you with an opportunity to differentiate your practice from others. There is stiff competition between PI attorneys, so you want content that is compelling and sets you apart from your competitors. 

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Does it address what makes your practice better than other PI attorneys in your area? Do you have expertise in certain specialties such as medical malpractice, traumatic brain injury cases, or are you strictly an experienced auto accident lawyer? In other words, what are your unique “value propositions?”?

Understanding what potential clients are looking for

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When prospective clients are searching for a “personal injury lawyer near me,” the first place they’re most likely to turn to for information is Google.  Even if you’ve been referred to them by a friend or other professional, there’s a good chance that potential clients are still going to go online and check out your website.

Effective content writing will help prospective clients quickly determine if you’re the attorney who can provide them with the best solution to their problem.

Case Studies

Read about real results we’ve obtained for our clients, including website redesigns, SEO, PPC, and combinations.


In order to convince potential clients, you need to understand your target audience. Demographics including age, location, and education level are important in defining the characteristics of your current clients as they relate to potential clients.

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Your website should answer the following questions:

  • What do past clients say about your services?
  • Do you have a record of cases won? 
  • What are your areas of speciality and your experience?
  • Are you equipped to handle cases that have to go to trial?

For attorneys, reputation is critical

While the primary goal of your website is to attract new clients to your PI practice, getting referrals from a variety of sources should also be a priority.  These can include online reviews of your practice as well as client testimonials.

However, attorneys specializing in other areas of the law, CPA’s, and other professionals can be referral sources as well.  Comments from other attorneys can really help to boost your conversion rate and keep you competitive with other lawyers in personal injury law.

Well-written SEO content can help to attract the attention of potential clients, build your practice, and get you better referrals.


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