Blogging provides attorneys with a variety of opportunities for reaching new clients, building a law firm’s brand, and managing the firm’s digital presence. If the blog posts are well-written and informative, they’re more likely to draw repeat visitors and receive social shares. Operating a blog can be one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use for your law firm.

However, before you start writing blog posts, you must first identify what it is you want to accomplish through your posts. Once you’ve determined that, you need to work on writing compelling content that will help you to accomplish those goals. 

The two types of blog posts that are most effective for attorneys are:

Timely topics: blog posts about court decisions, legislative rulings, breaking news, and more. This type of content has a definite end date.

Evergreen topics: the content usually addresses issues that don’t change frequently, that you deal with every day, and that can be discussed in general terms; it’s content that someone will find relevant today or even a year from now.

Evergreen content continues to bring prospective clients to your blog thereby increasing the number of consultations you schedule.

Content marketing as well as SEO provide your firm the opportunity to reach potential clients that are already searching for information and/or services related to your legal field and area of expertise. Law firm SEO is a “traffic tool”;  it attracts organic traffic to your website. 

How to find topics

Suggestions for topics for your blog post include:

  1. Have your staff write down all the questions that they receive from current as well as potential clients. Review those questions as possible blog topics.
  2. Take a look at blogs written by “the competition” or check the sites of other firms in your field
  3. Write about client cases 
  4. Write about legal problems that your encounter most frequently from your personal experience
  5. Write step guides; for example, “How do I file for bankruptcy?”

When it comes to blog content for attorneys, you need to consider search engine optimization.  Keyword search volume refers to the volume or number of searches for a specific search term in search engines like Google within a given timeframe.  Content with the right keywords provides the search engine with something to search as well as providing prospective clients with relevant information.

The best type of blog content

Generating positive results using a digital marketing strategy requires consistently publishing high-quality content. Not optimizing your firm’s website for search engines means you’re missing out on an opportunity to attract organic traffic to your website.

If your digital marketing campaign isn’t giving you the results that you’d hoped for,  Caroff Communications, SEO experts for attorneys, can work with you to identify the problem and provide a solution which will result in increased visibility, website traffic, and leads. Book your free consultation.

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