Referrals to your legal company might come from a co-worker, a previous client, or simply word of mouth in your neighborhood. However, unless you have a plan in mind to create and convert great referrals, many of the ideal new clients and cases you may get could slip away.

Consider this: referrals are fantastic since people who come to you are already more likely to employ you. They have probably already heard positive things about you from someone they trust. This often leads to better referrals, and these types of law firm leads are considerably easier to convert because half of the “work” has already been done for you – even before you connect or converse on the phone. Here is a quick guide to help you turn law firm clients into referral sources and save on advertising costs. 

It’s all about you

The most outstanding referrals come from satisfied customers. Especially if that moment comes soon after you’ve had a chance to demonstrate the exceptional legal service you can provide. To set yourself up for success, keep your consumers informed and satisfied – especially when you win cases for them – because satisfied customers will be your biggest admirers and most profitable new business source. If you can be the positive spark that helps them resolve their problems, they will want to spread the word about you.

Also, to get more referrals you must first demonstrate that you are deserving of them. It’s critical to educate them and ask for feedback frequently to verify that you’re exceeding your client’s expectations. That implies you should usually send an email with numerous questions and a thank you note to each customer at the conclusion of your agreement.

Your customers are just as occupied as you are, which is why they engaged you to address their legal problems rather than doing more of the legwork themselves! Even if they adore you and your business, they may not have the time to recommend you to their colleagues. One thing you can do to assist them with this is to provide them with a template in which all they need to do is fill in the fields and share. This is an easy to work with method for turning law firm clients into referral sources.

Ask for the referral

It’s not just enough to assume people will give you a referral. You will have to ask for it and apply some attorney referral outreach techniques to get the desired referrals. Improving your law firm referrals doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make sure that you simply, but personally, thank your clients for introducing you to more highly qualified leads. Also, make it evident to your clients how much effort you put in on their behalf – clearly top-tier work combined with a personal touch can go a long way towards a referral. You can also send them entertaining and informative quarterly newsletters or a birthday card on their birthday and even a holiday card – anything small to show that you appreciate them, and thank them for introducing you to their colleagues and peers.

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