Christine Fasick headshotChristine Fasick
With a masters’ degree in English Literature and a career as a teacher, Christine’s skill with words is undeniable. A dedicated researcher, Christine has the ability to write at a very high level, but one that is also approachable.

Lisa Hartman headshotLisa Hartman
Writer / SEO and Site Producer
An avid reader, Lisa also has her years of experience as a librarian, a teacher, and a sought-after private tutor. Lisa’s method of writing about clients’ products and services places them in the best light, while remaining factual and informative.

Jacqui Keady headshotJacqui Keady
Writer / Social Media Manager
Her degree in accounting makes her particular savvy about financial subjects, but Jacqui also has a warm and friendly style that draws the reader in from the moment they start. In addition to writing, Jacqui manages some of the Social Media portions of our SEO campaigns.

Meredith Persinger headshotMeredith Persinger
With a masters’ degree in teaching and her tenure as the Editor-in-Chief of the Prism, Lynchburg College’s literary magazine, Meredith is already an accomplished writer. An avid reader, she is adept at quickly acquiring a creditable level of expertise in myriad subjects.

Darren O'Loughlin headshotDarren O’Loughlin
Already well-versed in a number of programming, coding and production disciplines, Darren continually adds to his skill set in multiple areas. As a programmer, Darren has a rare understanding of the user experience that makes him invaluable.

Shane Clark headshotShane Clark
Having been involved in business system and web development for the past fifteen years, Shane has more recently become a veritable expert in WordPress coding, with a special focus on responsive websites.

Steven Elowe headshotSteven Elowe
Graphic Producer
A specialist in photo manipulation, Steven has been the “go to” guy for movie posters and billboards for years. His broad skill set includes all aspects of graphic production, from print to screen.

Tara O'Loughlin headshotTara O’Loughlin
Producer, Data and Project Administrator
Her background comprises a broad range of technical experience, including managing teams of programmers. She is a skilled researcher, with the ability to pick up and master new technologies and media. Her eye for and focus on detail informs her production ability as well.

What Clients Say

California Living Trusts' Tim Foley explains how smoothly the website redesign process went from start to finish.

Cori Nichols headshotCori Nichols
With a rare combination of business savvy and artistic sense, Cori has an uncanny knack for presenting you and your company in the best, most powerful way possible — whether on location or in her studio.

Craig Streaman headshotCraig Streaman
PPC/SEO Director
Marrying an intuitive understanding of marketing with an amazing capacity to understand the technical and data-mining aspects of online advertising, Craig continually improves clients’ results. He sees all the details and grasps the big picture at the same time.

LeeAnn Nelson headshotLeeAnn Nelson
Decades of experience as a print designer, along with a degree in Journalism, gave LeeAnn an understanding of sales and marketing that transitioned well into all sorts of design genres, including infographics. Having worked on everything from business cards and mailers to ads and magazines, LeeAnn’s design acumen is impressive.

Greg EloweGreg Elowe
Having spent more than 25 years managing the accounting departments for a number of companies, Greg understands how to keep everything flowing smoothly. He keeps the books clean and up-to-date, and maintains the day-to-day finances as well as the long-term goals.

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