Is there any benefit to doing Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns simultaneously? You bet there is! Below are the leading reasons why with a combined SEO / PPC program, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.


1 + 1 = 3

Calculator with SEO+PPC on screenYes, you read that right: the whole is more than the some of the parts. The fact is that with simultaneous SEO and PPC campaigns, you get double the exposure, and up to triple the traffic when both appear in search results.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But detailed studies have revealed that when sites appear in multiple positions (PPC and organic results) on search engines, traffic increases for both — when compared to results where only one appears.

It does make sense, though, when you realize that you’ve doubled the users awareness of your company, by taking up twice the “real estate” on the page.


Hare and tortoise cooperate

Stopwatch graphicSpeedy response (PPC) gives instant testing and feedback to drive SEO efforts; slow and steady (SEO) often provides results you didn’t expect, which you can capitalize on with PPC.

PPC campaigns offer two powerful benefits: you can test an unlimited number of search terms, and you get the results of those tests in very short order. That provides invaluable data for your organic (SEO) campaign; without it, you often have to wait for months to see the results of a very limited number of search terms.

On the other side, SEO campaigns deliver a wide variety of “collateral traffic” to your site, from long-tail (more specific) search phrases that you didn’t know about. You can plug those terms into your PPC campaign, for increased results.

What Clients Say

Diana from The Henderson Group relates the reaction of a GoDaddy rep to the website we built for her.


Multiplicity sells

Graphic showing computer screen, tablet, and phoneWith remarketing and display ads, you can retarget both PPC and SEO visitors for repeated impressions. Bonus: you get branding reinforcement, too.

Once people have visited your site, you can deliver ads repeatedly to them, placed on other sites. This is called “remarketing,” and has proved to be one of the most effective techniques of PPC campaigns. By running your PPC and SEO campaigns simultaneously, you can remarket to organic (SEO) visitors as well as paid (PPC) visitors.

And remember, since remarketing campaigns can involve graphic ads, you brand your company and its associated images, as well as providing multiple exposures to your products and services. A classic win-win!


Two birds; one stone

Graphic of two birdsSince a lot of the techniques (like good content and layout to increase page view time, on-site coding, etc.) apply to both SEO and PPC, you can do double duty with much of the work.

Both PPC and SEO require that you create and direct viewers to relevant, well-written content. With practice, you can make that content work equally well for each area.

By including elements like unique graphics and video on your pages, and wrapping it all in a pleasing, user-friendly layout, you can increase page-view time. For your PPC campaign, increased page-view time results in better placement for you listings, at a lower overall cost. On the SEO side, it also raises your rankings in the search results.

Clean code (the programming that makes up the pages) also counts. For one thing, it shortens page-load time, and also avoids any of the hangups that make search engines penalize your page by lowering your rankings.


Tracking gives you power

Computer screen with graph lineBoth provide unique data sets. The more data, the more effective your marketing is. Period.

The real key to successful online marketing — both SEO and PPC? It’s the ability to analyze the wealth of data to which you have access, and then using that analysis to continually modify your campaigns for improved results.

PPC and SEO provide similar but separate kinds of data. Cross-referencing that data gives marketing analysts a lot to work with. A really successful online marketing campaign starts off good, but constantly gets better. That’s the real power.

The obvious conclusion

In short, when you run these two (SEO and PPC) together, each one delivers more than it would on it’s own. And it costs less than running both separately. That’s why businesses with successful online marketing programs do both together. It just makes sense.

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