When customers need to find a business in their city, they go online.

Search engines and social media sites have replaced phone books. Customers are going to find some business — will it be yours?

Cell phone with a map on screen.Where customers are looking for you

The major search engines all have their own version of local maps pages:

> Google Maps
> Yahoo Local
> Bing Local

But it’s not enough to be listed; you should have descriptions, photos, reviews — anything that helps customers learn more about you and why they should choose you.

Of course, you need to be found on the first page of results, as well. After all, if customers don’t see you, what would bring them in your door?

What Clients Say

Tim Foley from California Living Trusts recounts the ease of working with our team to redesign their website


Will they find you — or your competition?

There’s no lack of choices online. Customers are going to find what they need. If they can’t you, then they’ll find another business like yours. Call us today to get your business found online.

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