Here is a brief explanation of why what YOU see on the search engines may not match what other people see. This is a conversation we frequently have, which leads to a lot of confusion.

Caroff Communications: Our research shows that you’re not coming up anywhere near the top of the search engines.

Business Owner: Oh, no, we always come up high in the search engines. We don’t need any search engine work.

There are two reasons for this discrepancy

1) You searched on your own name
Let’s say your business name is “Chris Wisenheimer Waffle Irons,” and you search on that. Of course you’re going to come up first — it’s a very specific term and no other site includes it. You don’t need an SEO company to make that happen.

2) Google has tracked your web surfing behavior
Everyone visits their own site; some do it quite often. After a while, you’ll notice your site “magically” appearing high up in the search results for various terms. That’s because Google judges that the site is relevant to YOU, and they give it extra importance. The problem? Your customers are not seeing what you see.

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Shanna Denfeld from The GHT Companies shares what it is like to work with our entire team, and how we help.


How do you see the “real” results?

Open a browser you don’t use, and clear all the cookies and history. NOW search for yourself under relevant terms (say “waffle irons,” in the example). What you get may be quite different. But that’s what the rest of the world is seeing.

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