Multiple Google Analytics screensUntil recently, advertising has been a slippery proposition. You’ve heard the old adages like: “We’re building your brand awareness,” “It takes 7 contacts to make a sale,” and “give it time to work.” We’re here to tell you those days are gone.

Now, you can — and should — track everything about your online marketing campaign. And we mean everything. Like what specific search terms bring people to your site. What pages of your site are viewed, and for how long. What exact parts of your program get customers to pick up the phone, fill out a contact form, or download information.

There is more data available. A lot more. The trick is knowing how to use that data, so over time, your PPC campaign works more and more effectively to bring you more business.

This is good. This is progress. This is the way marketing is supposed to work, and until now, never has. That’s the beauty of PPC.

Top 3 ways you’re wasting your PPC budget

But wait, can’t you set up a PPC campaign by yourself? Of course you can. Within an hour or two, you can be up-and-running, spending money like the big companies. Only beware: spending money, even getting visits to your site, are not the same as driving business. Here are just a few of the things you may be missing.

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Ad scheduling

Calendar and clock graphicDo you know what times of the day, week, month, and year are most likely to bring you sales? You should. And once you do, you can exploit that knowledge to run your ads during the “sweet spots” that perform best.

Call tracking

Phone icon with bullet listFor many businesses, the best way to produce sales is to have customers — and potential customers — pick up the phone. How would you like to know exactly which search terms, ads, and pages on your site generated phone calls? You can! It’s called “call tracking,” and it’s essential.

Device targeting

Computer, tablet, and phone iconsAre people using mobile devices, like a tablet or phone, more, or less, likely to call you than people using a computer? If analysis shows that mobile users are less likely to call you, you’re missing vital opportunities. Better investigate responsive website design: the technique that maximizes the effect of your online presence.

After all, more than half of web use right now happens from mobile devices. And that percentage is only going to rise. Don’t get left behind while your competitors grab that growing business segment.

How much, how long, and what you can expect . . .

There are three types of cost associated with PPC, and you’ll need to plan for all three. They are:

Tools on architectural plansSetup
Beginning with the keyword research that drives everything, this stage also includes creating the entire PPC program, complete with categories of campaigns and ad groups, writing and designing multiple ads for each group, and setting up and formatting all the tracking mechanisms. In addition, Landing pages for your site are written and designed for maximum conversion. Setup typically takes a few weeks.

Screen with Analytics dataManagement
Day-to-day, your PPC program will be analyzed and modified, to improve performance over time. Your input is invaluable in this process, which may include the creation of additional landing pages. Management begins when the setup is done, and is ongoing.

Far from being a “passive” process, this is where we will use the information we gather to constantly improve your results. In addition, we will send you monthly reports with key data, as well as our own analyses of that information.

Spreadsheet cells with costsGoogle Ads Budget
Only you can determine what to spend on “clicks,” although a look at past efforts, general sales, and profit can provide some guidelines. But that’s just a starting point. Based on results, you can adjust your monthly budget.

So what can you expect from your PPC program? The minute the setup is done and your account is made “live,” you should begin receiving site visits. If the setup has been done properly, you should also hear the phone ring. But that’s just the beginning. The real power of PPC lies in the ability to constantly improve results.

Why wait? Contact us to get your PPC program launched, and start generating sales.

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