In a word, “yes.” With over 20 years’ history in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Websites, we have helped — and will probably continue to help — a wide variety of businesses. But there is no denying that the single greatest concentration of our experience lies in the area of digital marketing for law firms.

That being said, the question arises regarding how pertinent our experience is to our law firm clients. Actually, it is quite relevant. What’s more, it also matters which areas of law we have marketed.

SEO for family law firms

Every industry vertical has its own set of appropriate keyword phrases. Divorce lawyers are no exception. In their case (no pun intended!) the language used must convey warmth and cool professionalism at the same time — no easy task. After all, as any family law attorney knows, you must at times serve both as a “knight in shining armor” and a therapist!

A true guru in the discipline of SEO for law firms must understand not only the viability (search volume, relevance, etc.) of the language used in searches, but must also grasp the concept of “intent.” Because in order to determine what searchers are looking for, you must be able to tell from their phrasing what their intent is.

Are they seeking an attorney right now? Do they just need information? Is this a job search by someone entering the field? All of these possible intents and more can and should be linked to the particular words and phrases.

How is PPC best utilized?

Undoubtedly one of the least understood disciplines in the digital marketing arena, PPC (sometimes deferred to simply as Google Ads, since they dominate the field) is an incredibly powerful tool.

Because experts in PPC for attorneys have such control at their fingertips, they are able to “dial in” the campaigns in order to reach — as much as possible — exactly the right audience at exactly the right time in their decision-making process.

Used in conjunction with a well-run SEO campaign, a PPC strategy can both enhance and be enhanced by the SEO. This is true especially because the language referred to above that is used to determine the intent of the searchers can quickly be tested and evaluated via PPC.

Divorce lawyer websites

The most effective PPC and SEO campaigns in the world can be stopped dead in their tracks by a defective website. In this instance, a defective website is any site that tends to repel or turn away viewers, rather than drawing them deeper into the process. Ultimately, a poorly-designed website fails at its main task: getting website visitors to contact the firm.

Many law firm websites tend to be coldly professional (think cool colors, stark, angular graphics, hyper-modern fonts, etc.). Though ideal for more business-oriented law firms, this is exactly the wrong approach for a divorce attorney. Important criteria include warm colors, professional yet friendly font choices, emotionally-compelling photographs, simple and welcoming language, and more.

Final notes

Combined properly, these three disciplines — SEO, PPC, website — can serve as the engine that locates potential clients and draws them into a relationship with a family law firm. All it takes is knowledge, experience, and dedication to make it happen!

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