Any good PPC manager will be on the constant lookout for ways to optimize campaign spend, and to get more value for less cost, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Working within an allotted monthly or quarterly budget is common for most PPC managers, and there are countless ways that we can optimize an account for more efficient spend, but there is a breaking point. In some cases, it’s better to raise your PPC budget, rather than trying to optimize what you already have in place.

There are a number of scenarios in which you should consider increasing your PPC budget with the goal of getting more clicks / goals / sales. Here is a short list of those:


Your budget is limiting your reach

Speedometer If your impressions and clicks are being limited by budget, and driving conversions at a high rate, then you should consider raising your daily budget.

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You could expand your reach

rocket icon If your current campaigns are producing leads or a positive ROI, but not getting a “Limited by Budget” status in Google Ads, you should consider expanding the products or services that you advertise.

Example: Automotive repair shop has a campaign for Tire Rotation that is driving sales, but no campaign for Oil Changes which they also offer. In this case, you would want to test this second service as a new campaign, with its own budget to see if it can increase business further.


You are having a sale

sale tag iconYou can increase visibility leading up to and during sales periods with an increase in PPC budget as well. Expanding keywords, highlighting the sale in ads, or showing display ads to a particular audience can all help to boost the success of sale periods.

You sell seasonal products

calendar page icon Companies with seasonal businesses shouldn’t run the same monthly budget all year round. Increasing your PPC budget leading up to and during the periods when you expect more sales is typically a good idea.

Example: If you’re selling pool floats, interest and sales are going to be weaker in the winter and stronger in the summer. Spend more when sales are more likely to occur.


Increase in performance improvement has slowed

downward graph icon It’s common to see month-over-month improvements with a strong PPC campaign management, especially during the first few months of hiring an agency to optimize your account. Eventually, these improvements may slow . . .

Example: as major PPC campaign optimization elements have already been adjusted, and the focus has gotten to be more granular due to budget constraints. When conversion totals and conversion rates begin to flatten out, it’s probably time to try a new approach in addition to what you already know is working in the account, by adding more budget.

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What most agencies won’t tell you

Most agencies won’t tell you that increasing your budget is likely to decrease your overall performance — at least initially. If you’re expanding to launch new campaigns for products or services, they may not perform as well as the existing campaigns right away. Just as with the other campaigns that had seen month over month improvements, it will take some time to finely tune the newly launched campaigns.

Spending more should be a good thing, as long as it’s producing more. If you have been considering an increase to your Google Ads PPC budget, but aren’t sure which approach to take, our team of account managers can help. Contact us for a FREE Quote to learn more about how we can help grow your PPC budget — and campaign value!

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