Sparking Exponential Growth

Conversion Increase table

Service: Combined SEO and PPC

Strategy: Create an increase in conversions by more closely aligning the PPC and SEO campaigns.

Effect: More than a 55% increase in conversions when the two channels properly enhanced each other. In addition, driven especially by PPC Brand Awareness, the Direct channel also outperformed expectations.

Result: The business had to hire new team members to keep up with the demand — a good problem to have.


Brand Awareness: Caused when viewers become aware of a brand name by seeing ads, even though they didn’t click on the ads. Especially valuable, since they are free.

Conversions: Users that clicked on ads or search listings, and then turned into a “lead” by initiating a contact.

Direct Channel: Visitors that typed in the company name directly to the search box, returned via a bookmark, or through their browser history.

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