• This content could include articles, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, etc. The important thing is that it be "unique," which means that it cannot be simply "copied and pasted" from somewhere else.
  • These reports can cover a number of criteria, including analytics data (site visits, conversions, user behavior, and other items), tasks being completed (content written and posted to the website, social media posts, etc.), and costs for items like Google Ads or press release distributions, among other things.
  • Does your site not only work, but appear perfectly suited to every device on which a user might view it -- from the smallest cell phone to the largest desktop computer monitor?
  • Does the information and all the graphics on every one of your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, for example) match all of the same information on your website?
  • Are new, timely, relevant posts added to your social media channels on a regular basis?
  • Are you listed as the legal owner of your: website hosting account, any and all domain names, and all of your tracking data (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, et al)? Do you have access to all the usernames and passwords for all of these accounts, and the ability to login at any time?
  • Although there are other channels, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) generally means Google Ads.
  • Total score is automatically updated as you answer each question.
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