In the Law firm website: Design, content, function article, the general criteria for effective website is covered. However, there are some specific features and functions that are a good idea for lawyers to have on their websites. Here are the most critical.

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Personal information

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Don’t worry — this doesn’t mean your home address and Social Security number. It does mean information about you and your staff as people: activities outside the office, background, interests, and more.


This kind of material is critical to feature on your site because you’re competing with every other law firm in the area does what you do. Give potential clients a reason to choose you over the other law firms in your field.

In this vein, the more photos you can include that show you as “real people,” not just a bunch of attorneys in three-piece suits, the more you will help your case (no pun intended).

After all, when people are looking for a service, they don’t hire “firms,” they hire people. Make them feel that they can begin to get to know you by visiting your website.


Third-party testimonials

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Nothing engenders trust like someone saying something nice about you. Clients hire you to handle what are often very sensitive and personal situations. Give them a reason to believe in you!


We also know that in this area — as in many others — less is more. If you want to include lengthy letters from previous clients about the fine work you did, you can. But don’t force viewers to read those in order to find out how your clients feel about you. Offer short excerpts from testimonials on every page. That way, you can be sure that some of them will be read.


Service descriptions in plain language

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As a highly skilled professional in a very complex field, you are liable to write copy that showcases your erudition. Avoid the temptation!


Your potential clients do want to know what services you offer, and what areas you specialize in. But they need to be able to understand it from their point of view. That means focusing more on what you can do to help them, rather than the process you will go through to do that.

In this, as in many other parts of your site, it is extremely helpful to have an experienced copy editing team either to create the text from scratch, or work with you to refine the copy that you write. Because they generally are not lawyers, your website agency’s team of writers will be able to “filter” your message so that it is able to be understood by the average person.


Multiple methods of contact

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No matter how many methods you use to interact with your clients and potential clients — phone, email, social media, etc. — make sure that they are all accessible from every page of your site.


Moreover, keep them as simple as possible. The last thing you need is for a potential client to get frustrated because they can’t figure out how to reach you.

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