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We’ve been marketing lawyers for 10 years

In a highly competitive legal market, attracting clients is the biggest challenge for lawyers and law firms. That’s why you need digital marketing if you’re an attorney. An effective digital marketing strategy will help you reach audiences that other attorneys overlook, and trace client acquisitions so you can make informed decisions about your budget and … Read More

How attorneys can navigate slow business periods

Law firms are affected by seasonality like any other business. But some months are better than others for different practice areas. For example, a well-known “peak season” for divorce lawyers usually occurs during March. But for real estate lawyers, their business picks up in the summer when the market is hot. By contrast, December clients … Read More

Tracking leads for your law firm

If you’re an attorney today, you understand the importance of law firm marketing. A well-crafted marketing plan can help boost your online reach, optimize your marketing spend and grow your services. But regardless of how you market your firm, it’s important to measure your strategy. Without tracking leads for your law firm, you’ll have no … Read More

Make the most of seasonal trends with creative marketing

If you’re a business owner or digital marketer, you probably pore over your website analytics frequently. If so, have you noticed that your traffic and sales fluctuate with certain seasons or holidays? Trends such as these are called seasonality. Seasonality refers to periodic fluctuations in certain business and marketing cycles, based on the seasons in … Read More

PPC marketing funnels, explained and done right

The PPC marketing funnel is a well-known concept for understanding the process of turning leads into customers. At the top of the funnel, marketers capture as many leads as possible, and then slowly nurture them through to retention at the bottom. Because the funnel describes your customer’s journey with you, it can only work as … Read More

Why your leads won’t convert to sales

Imagine this scenario: Your marketing advertising strategy is working. People are visiting your website, filling out your forms, and suddenly you’ve got a steady flow of new leads. But despite this influx of potential customers, your conversion rate is low. Now what? Instead of spending money on more advertising, you may be able to solve … Read More

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