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Close More Law Firm Leads with These 3 Tips

For many lawyers, generating law firm leads is a concept with which they’re not all that familiar because it’s more of a marketing and sales strategy employed by business, rather than a legal concept. However, your firm is a business, so building and establishing clientele for the firm is essential.  What is lead generation? Simply … Read More

How attorneys are turning former clients into new revenue

Attorneys are always thinking about how they can increase their referrals. Why? Because having a steady stream of referrals can accelerate the growth of your firm, bring in new revenue, and set your mind at ease about getting new clients. If you want to grow your practice, don’t ignore the importance of referral marketing. And, … Read More

Is a lawyer billboard an effective advertising tool?

We’ve all driven by those billboards. Perhaps they have a smiling attorney in an expensive suit. Or a pair of handcuffs. Or maybe even the ever present judge’s gavel. Whatever image they offer, the message is generally simple: So the question is, do these really work? And like most important questions, the answer isn’t just … Read More

An offline approach to online marketing

For many business owners, looking at online marketing reports is confusing and frustrating. They often get overwhelmed by the simple fact that the activity is digital and online, instead of physical and in person.    Yes, the internet has changed the world, but most online marketing strategies still mimic offline behavior. It’s time to stop … Read More

Tune up your online communications strategy

An odd thing is happening during this most recent and devastating economic downturn: companies have been putting more emphasis (and resources, both time and money) into their marketing. At least, their online marketing. What’s the explanation? First, a little history Stock market wisdom: buy low, sell high. Business wisdom: when times get tough, ramp up … Read More

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